Hey all! It certainly has been a long summer so far, or at least it feels that way. =_= I believe this is the third of Mirelmture’s guest comics, to complete her epic trilogy of dinosaurian cuteness. Her website is www.acornsugar.com and her art is fluff and awesome. :3

Miu did successfully make it to Comic-Con and hopefully if all goes well AC will be a definite next year (on top of that, an expanded con circuit may be coming!), so keeping fingers crossed. Lots of improvement over the last few months so wow, “back to normal” is within sight! Like a desert oasis on the horizon, it better be the real thing and not be a mirage or I will kick its nonexistent ass.

Anyhoo! So I’d partially been unable to get TO the file to update the site with this guest comic, but partly this also works out well since I wanted to announce the restock of the FINAL copies of the “Summer Time Peaches” figure in the online store! Yes, a very small handful of them have made it back home from Anthrocon and Comic-Con, and I wanted to thank each and every one of you folks out there who picked up one for yourselves…I’m always thrilled when a sculpture of mine goes over well, like sending off little resin babies out into the big scary world. :D Miu is already hard at work creating the art for a new project, and while making a run of figures is always kind of a risk (so much money up front! so many sculpting labor hours!) I think folks will like the next one. :)

So, as of this writing, we’re putting six copies up in the online store, click [HERE] to buy one before they’re all gone! We’re retaining a couple for the archives, but outside of that these are literally the last copies that will be available anywhere…

…What? I said we only had a handful left! Go! <XD