A note from Miu:

Peaches and Cream is a story about the lives of Peaches, Cream, and their friends. :)

When I decided to do an online comic, I had to really hunker down and ask myself, “Self… what do you want to draw? And I don’t mean today. I mean all the time for a long time. And ya better think real hard, cause you’ll just get bored otherwise and be all…’wah wah wah… I don’t feel like drawing this today!’” Well, the answer that came to me was cute girls and food. This should come as a pretty big AH-DURRR to anyone that’s been following me for awhile, but yeah! So there ya go.

As for Peaches and Cream, I’ve been drawing them since 2001 and over all that time they grew beyond being pinup characters to being much more their own personalities in my head. I decided since girls and food are what I want to draw, maybe it’s time I take those personalities and do something with them.

I hope that everyone will read this comic and enjoy what I’ve come up with, and I hope to bring you much more Peaches and Cream for a long time from here out!