Just wanted to give folks a short heads-up, there are only very limited quantities of the Peaches and Cream t-shirt left (Unisex L, XL, and 2XL), and there are currently only two Peaches figures left in stock for the online store.

The final cartons of figures have been sent ahead and will be available for sale at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh (June 23-26) and Comic-Con in San Diego (July 21-24). If there are any left after those conventions they will be added to the inventory online for sale as well, but if the figures sell out completely we have no estimate for when, if ever, more would be produced.

Debating on also discontinuing the current t-shirt design, so if you haven’t gotten yours, grab it now.

The online store will be closing June 20 and reopening August 1. You will still be able to buy the digital download during this time if you haven’t already. :)


I’m a bit behind on donation gift selection this month but hope to get them in the mail soon. Thanks again to everyone who’s put funds forward for Miu. :)