Back again with a guest comic by a nice friend of Miu’s, Mirelmture! She’s on FA, and has a new website too, so go take a look! :)

Miu’s computer is back and functioning now, even if he himself isn’t (doing better, though! Up and around more than a few hours a day). For the foreseeable future, we’re still not sure when he’ll be back around to get the comic up and running, but at least things are looking (very slooooowly) up. Also, a thank you to everyone who suggested MalwareBytes and all, but he HAD that on his comp and it didn’t exactly catch this one. There’s a running joke in his family that he inherited the “destroy electronics” gene, as he, his mother, and his maternal grandfather all had a problem with keeping wristwatches and close-contact technology functioning…never abusive users, but somehow they’d just conk out and that’d be it.

Thanks so much for the well-wishes and support! Miu misses doing his artwork and I can’t tell you all how often I have to listen to him complain about that, haha. Hoping that we have some new leads on that here in a couple weeks.