Hey all! PG again. Back with another guest comic to follow up, here’s Mirelmture again with a Part 2! Again her website is www.acornsugar.com and you’ll want to check that out. I say so.

Just got home yesterday from taking Miu to an out-of-town specialist and things are looking up. There’s a long road ahead, though, so thanks again for continuing to support him in your thoughts. :) Despite everything he’s determined to make something of this summer so I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll have some new news to share soon.

Also, while Miu will not be attending Anthrocon this summer, I’ll still be operating the Peaches and Cream booth alongside my own, so if you’re coming to AC come check out the figures and the various P&C-related fun stuff. :) (And bear with me, trying to operate two tables at once is not easy! =_=) We’re still planning on trying to get him to Comic-Con, though, so anyone who’s lucky enough to be attending that con may get to see him. He misses getting art out there for everyone!