Hello everyone! PG here again and sorry for the lack of updates. Truth be told, there really hasn’t been much in the way of news (unless you’re a fan of nitty-gritty medical details, mostly the results here are bupkis).

Long story short, Miu was not doing too well and ended up in the hospital again while I was gone to Sakura-Con…a bit of an iffy time there, since the reason we’d originally signed up for a second year was to promote the webcomic…since he wasn’t able to attend and the webcomic is obviously still on hold for now, well, it became a mixed booth of CS books, used books, and the few P&C-related things we had on hand. As an aside, a big thank you to the folks who stopped by the booth to send well-wishes or buy things! It’s all going back into his medical care at this point, bleh. Hoping to go back again for a third year. Next time, I hope he can make it too. >_< He is doing better and is home now, but currently only upright and conscious for about…maybe 6 hours a day.

In a strange and annoying congruence of events, his computer is slowly giving up the ghost due to some kind of virus/trojan. He suspects it got picked up on dA (check your scanners! make sure they’re protecting your computers!) and it’s basically now rendered his computer immobile (complete with actual hardware problems) and will have to be completely redone. Great timing! >_< Considering how much art and huge files he has on his computer, merely backing everything up has been an annoying stretch…although it is helping us get reorganized, something that had gotten put off since he’d gotten the more serious bouts of his health problems.

So, here I am, and here’s a scribbly guest comic by me for you while I try desperately to get caught up with shipping the backlog of orders from his store, the Club Stripes store, and my own…sadly this is a true story as recounted to me by Miu, and yeah…that’s some skillful puking there, I guess. <XD No worse torment for a foodie than to be holed up in a hospital that decides boiling vegetables into mush (with no salt) is a great way to keep patients’ spirits up, ha ha. The only reason the squash didn’t come up too was because, well, he didn’t eat it. ;p

Next week we have a cute guest comic, so hope you check back! :)