Yay! Page 1 of Rainy Days! Daw~ tiny kid Peaches helping out in the kitchen.

For some of you that have been following me online this page should look kinda familiar. I posted a preview of the original beta version of this page in my galleries way back in 2007. Here’s a quick link for those that might have missed the original version:

DA Post

FA Post

I decided to make Peaches Mom a little younger looking this time out and gave her a sort of pixy haircut. And orange hair! So she’s been through a lot of changes. I like this version of her much better. Now instead of feeling almost grandmotherly like the original version she more reminds me of some of my friends that have kids now in their 20’s & early 30’s.

Also, first main comic appearance by the ants. Peaches looks like she was quite worthwhile for the ants to follow around. So many delicious food leavings~ mmmm.

So that’s it for the week folks! Time for me to get my butt back to work and maybe play some more Pokemon when I can. (Got myself an Audino and love the design of the Klink and Joltik!)

See you guys next Friday! Take care!