Hi everyone! Welp, this week we have the intro/cover image for Rainy Days in Sunny Side, the first part of the main story for this web comic. Rainy Days will be a step back in time and will show where a lot of their relationships and friendships started. The girls will be meeting/re-meeting some new and old characters and of course there will be the drama. Oh the drama!

I feel like this story is really where the web comic starts. As I’ve mentioned in a few comments the Winter Special story was originally made as a print special. I decided that rather than spending a bunch of money on printing that it’d be more interesting to release it online and just let everyone enjoy spending some fun time with the girls before digging into the nitty gritty of the main story. I hope you all enjoyed the muffin hunt! It was a lot of fun to draw. Consider it the appetizer to the main course!

So yeah, hope you guys will enjoy this new look into the origins of the Peaches and Cream characters and hopefully I’ll see you back here each Friday! Thanks for stopping in everyone and see you next week with the first page of Rainy Days in Sunny Side Part 1!