Ahh~ the holidays. Ants enjoy them too as you can see here from this photo of my office christmasy tree.

 So first off, I’d like to thank Amber over at DMFA http://www.missmab.com/ for sending so many nice folks over to check out the comic. I hope that some of you out there reading this will go check out her comic if you haven’t (Which would be hard to believe at this point! Go Amber!)

 And lets see, hmmm~ how about we go over a question I’ve been getting. That being, what programs do I use to make my comic. Currently the two main programs I use are Photoshop CS3 for most of the flat work and color and Paint Tool Sai for the inking. Before this comic I’d never really spent any good amount of time inking in the computer and it’s been tough to get used to, but I find I’m enjoying it more and more. It definitely beats having to clean up pencils on every page.

 Since I’m much like Jam and not a huge fan of the cold I’ve been spending my non-arting hours playing games here and there. Current favorites include Limbo, Scott Pilgrim the game and Dragon Quest 9. Limbo’s dark style and spookiness was great and kept me going and going and going till the end. Definitely one I’d suggest for those of you out there that can get Xbox360 downloadable content. And DQ9’s old school nature has been fun. Its kinda nice to play a really modern game that has that old RPG feel.

 Ooog~ well, that’s all from me this week. Hope you’re all doing well and having a good holiday season! See you next Friday.