Friday! Comic time!

So that’s it for the Winter Special everyone. Next week will be the intro for the new comic and then onto the new story! It was a lot of fun to see this story through to finish since I had it planned so far back that it wasn’t even originally meant for the web. I’m really glad it did get to go out to everyone and be finished and its really taught me a lot that I feel will help me make the next story even better!

Also, this week if you vote for PnC on TopWebComics you’ll get to see the final rough cut page from the original cut of the story. So if ya wanna see some more of Jay, this cut page is for you!

Vote for PnC and see new rough bonus cut page!

Not much else going on at the moment other than a lot of work on the upcoming story and the occasional Pokemon White session. I’m really enjoying the game play in White. It feels balanced and I’m loving the new wave of Pokemon. Even took the time to go get my Victini and wow, it’s a little powerhouse. Loving the whole combo of psychic and fire.

So yeah, see you guys next week and thanks as always for stopping in!