Q: Are you a girl?
A: No.

Q: Will you put my characters in your comic?
A: The stories are already written and blocked out quite far in advance, so under most circumstances, sorry but no. To paraphrase someone else, the only cameos that are planned for the comic involve people I know directly, or people who don’t ask.

Q: What happens next in the story?
A: …Seriously? Just keep reading and you’ll find out. :)

Q: How long have you been drawing Peaches and Cream?
A: The first Peaches and Cream comics were published in 2001, but the duo actually first appeared in a small portfolio of pinup pictures. At the time their names and designs were mostly conjured up for visual effect, and their designs have since gone through many revisions over the years.

Q: Aren’t these characters from porn?
A: Yes, Peaches and Cream were originally adult pinup characters, then stars of a series of adult comics and since then, they have taken on quite a life of their own. However, this comic is not adult (though it may at times touch on mature themes, it is not porn). And no, this site will not be providing any free adult content. Nice try, though. :)

Q: So this isn’t an adult comic? What kind of content will this comic be?
A: No, on average the content will be G to PG13. There may be a few instances where OT/16+ may apply in the future, however.

Q: What are Peaches/Cream/Jam?
A: Girls.